Testing a Site is Mandatory here’s why

Problem with not testingPeople under value testing. Here is an example. While watching Michelle deliver another seminar for the NBN rollout in Scottsdale I set about reviewing the websites of the people in the room. One member of the group told me his website went live almost a year ago and recently he received his first sale of around $54. 

Initially I reviewed the site for errors, SEO and calls to action. The site looked quite good and certainly should have been attracting some search traffic. I was at a loss to suggest why he hadn’t made any sale, until I actually tried to purchase something from the site. The shopping cart worked as expected however the price of the shipping was quite surprising.  The two jars of chutney cost $8.70 but the shipping was $129,086.32. I  think that would put most people off purchasing from his site.

So how did he make a sale, that was simple if an order was over $43, shipping was FREE.

It’s a simple mistake the weights of the product have been entered in grams but the unit used by the shopping cart are kilograms. Hence my two jars of chutney’s where calculated based upon a weight of 1050kgs.

What a waste of time. If anyone had bothered to test the site a year ago, how many sale could he have made??

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