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Growing your business online

Over the last 6 years Michon International has coached over 600 SME’s to improve their online presence.

Michon International has hit the road and decided to offer digital business coaching online instead of just face to face/one to one.  This means you can live any where and have access to our coaching club (you just need an Internet connection).  Don’t think for a minute that group coaching means you won’t get your questions answered – it couldn’t be further for the truth.  All your questions about growing your business online will be answered and you’ll have access to the other peoples questions/answers (many of these could be questions relevant to you that you hadn’t thought of!).   Its like one on one coaching but better!

Heres a video we did to introduce the coaching club –

Here are just some of the things you’ll get from our business coaching club:

  • Take your local business global
  • Get raving fans tomorrow
  • Grow your business online quickly
  • Become a market leader in your industry
  • Make Social Media pay its way
  • Laser target your advertising

How does this work?

Two question and answer coaching calls (Webinars) a month, which will be recorded for those who can not attend.  You will be able to send your questions in ahead of time and/or ask them live when time permits.

As an added bonus we’re gathering experts form all over the world to share their hints and tips on just what is really working..  This way you can learn from their mistakes and tap into the digital market place quicker!

How do you apply to join Michon Business Coaching Club?

Places are strictly limited – please note your name will be placed on a waiting list if we’re full at the time of your applying.

Click on the subscribe button below and if there are any places available you will arrive at PayPal.

Your investment is $147 per month – however you only have to make one change based on the answers to your questions and you can make that much back a day!  (It may even be the answer to someone else’s question that takes your business to the next level)

Click on the subscribe button below so we can work with you and get your business really humming!

P.S. You can cancel at any time.