Scottsdale Digital Enterprise – part 2

Michon Digital Business

We are off to deliver the second part of the Digital Enterprise program on behalf of 3P Consulting today.  We set the attending businesses some homework 2 weeks ago and I can’t wait to see what they found out about their businesses.  We asked them to do just a little bit of online keyword research around their business – to me this is the most exciting processes as you delve into your business and discover things you may not of know or you had just forgotten.  Plus you can get a solid idea of how to market your business online.

This program is available to people in the Scottsdale, Smithton and Mid Way Point areas.  It is a free event that includes some very valuable one on one mentoring for your business.  If you live any where near these areas get in touch with 3P: and book yourself into the next session.  You have nothing to loose!

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