Do a little more – go a little further

This week we ran our first marketing planning workshop for 2014 – it went amazingly well with everyone raving about what they learnt and how priceless the group exercises were to brainstorm ‘new’ idea for their 2014 marketing planning!  Now they know just what they need to do for the next 49 weeks 🙂

I decided to make this workshop a little special, so although I had organised lunch I wanted morning and afternoon tea to be more than a packet of bikkies!  In the kitchen I went, and out came chocolate brownies, white chocolate cafe cookies, fruit salad and cheese/bikkies.  Plus I took along almonds and mints – everyone was covered, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

I have been to hundreds of workshops in the last 12 years and I can’t once remember the presenter bringing along food that he/she had prepared.  Maybe it’s not professional, or maybe they don’t cook or probably they didn’t have time, most likely they didn’t even consider it!

Why did I do it? Certainly I am busy and I’m not the best cook in the world, but I wanted to show my appreciation for the attendees taking a day out of their busy lives to learn from us. It really was my gift to them and they certainly seemed to enjoy it.

I challenge you to think a little outside the box, to not ask why but why not instead and most importantly, go one step more than everyone else – you may just be surprised by the result!

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