Derby Tasmania Gets Social Media

Derby Gets Social Media

Derby Tasmanian had it’s hey day early in last century when Tin mining was in full swing. Since then the town has been on a slow decline. But its amazing where you can find an online businesses.  

As part of  our continuing tour of North East Tasmanian spreading the Social Media word Michelle was invited to present a brief  two hour Social Media workshop in Derby. Our expectations for Derby and it’s patrons were low we didn’t expect to find many people who would be interested in Social Media. But as usual the online world continues to amaze us.

Rangeview Seeds run by Peter Coxhead turned out to be quite a surprise. Peter told me that about half of his anual income came through the web and his online store. Since he has been running the business he has increased the product range by almost 300 seed varieties.

  • PR: 2
  • Google Index: 23,000 
  • Backlinks: 1 
  • Bing: 1,760 
  • Rank: 1655132 
  • Twitter: 0 
  • Facebook: 28
  • Google +1: 0  
Although the stats above aren’t great there are a few notable aspects of the site (as of April 3, 2012). Firstly the number of pages indexed is huge and yes they are all part of the site. The CMS/shopping cart being used plus the number of crossed linked pages on the site have meant that site looks very large to google even though it only has around 500 products. That does mean that there is duplicate content in the index but google doesn’t seem to worry about duplicate content under the same domain.
Secondly Peter does use Social Media, at the moment its only facebook but the site has a small but growing presence. Hopefully following the seminar he will also employ twitter, google plus and an email Champaign via mailchimp .




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