Content is King – webinar

Content is king

Today we recorded a quick webinar in the car!  It was going to be live tonight BUT we are not sure what our internet speed will be like when we get to our camping spot (somewhere between the SA/Vic border and Adelaide), so rather than maybe disappoint you this is one we prepared earlier 😉

Please leave comments below – we would really like to hear what your content ideas are?  Plus any thing else you’d like us to talk about?

We’d love you to join us in the Michon Business Coaching Club – where you can get all your tricky questions answered and learn from others!  And for the next 2 weeks (until Tuesday 22nd) you can join for half price: only $73.50 for the first month!

Get more information and sign up here.

1st live call is next Tuesday (8th) at 7pm…

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  1. Listened to your webinar just now. Thanks for the tips. My online business is slowly growing, and the shop facebook page is a bit boring, but i do try and find something to say regularly. Still finding it hard to grow customers.
    Look forward to hearing about your trip. Our trip to Dubair/USA/Canada was 90% great. I did put a facebook short story about it on my page. Wedding in New York was amazing, 9 bridesmaids, 5 tier cake, mariarchi band, big church, loads of food and flowers…..a $90,000 affair.!

    Cheers Debbie

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