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The Professional SEO pack is for those who are serious about getting their business website ranked high in the search results and getting more paying traffic/customers. This activity played out over a few months will give your business a strong base to grow on in the future.

  • With your guidance a thorough research of your industry keywords will be completed – with the aim of finding 5 keywords that your paying customers use.SEO Packages
  • These 5 keywords will be applied to your website so that Google knows that your website is an authority on the topic.
  • 5 articles will be hand written.
  • 25 re-written version of the 10 articles will be created.
  • These articles will be syndicated to a broad network (TrafficJumbo and UAW just to name a couple)
  • Create 3 new web 2.0 properties based around your business.
  • Then we create more layers on the web 2.0 properties and create 3 more web 2.0 properties.
  • Several new website profiles with web 2.0 sites.
  • We will set up 8 text links from PR1 – PR4 blogs that have similar themes to yours.
  • 1 Custom PDF document will be created and distributed.
  • 1 custom high quality video will be created.
  • This video will be distributed via multiple channels.
  • New posts will be bookmarked.
  • All the RSS feed will be mashed and syndicated
  • The posts will be pinged.
  • You will receive a report each month that you remain subscribed – details all the activity

** All of these things are done every month and have a cumulative effect in getting your website to the top of Google. Our standard contact for SEO is 6 months in order to create long lasting high search engine rankings for your business.


  • The key words/phrases that you think you would like to rank for.
  • The pages within your website that you wish to rank well for.
  • Any text/documents (brochures, flyers, marketing etc.) that we can use to write/re-write articles for your business that reflect your businesses core brand/identity (this is optional)
  • Images that we have permission to use like your logo and product images.
  • As this is a high level SEO service, you will be sent a sample of the video for approval or edit, prior to it being distributed.
  • Once we have the necessary information & approval from you the job will be completed in around two weeks and a report sent out to you by the end of the month… then we do it all again the next month.
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