How many blog posts should a business write per month?

how many blog postsAs a minimum a business should aim to produce one quality 1000-2000 word case study or ever green piece of content each month. At least one keyword focused 750-1000 word blog post article each week and 3-6 curated and commented articles suitable to your target market each day for syndication on social media. This level of content won’t make your business and over night success on the web but it will greatly improve its standing over a year.

On top of these a business should add social and cultural posts to Facebook and twitter. Social posts are those talking about the staff and their experience, customer relationship issue the business has solved, events staff have attended as either business representative or individuals. These should include tagged images of people at the events , interesting and informative infographic and humorous content. The largest increase in visitors and followers gained by business profiles are through social posting, people like to deal with issue people share.

The simplest way to create focused content is to develop a theme for the month, quarter or year and plan out the content, where it will come from and who will write it.  Running the theme ideas through your ideal customer profile filter is essential to prevent wasting time and resources. There’s no point creating content that’s not going to attract your ideal customer.

You should also ask the following question

  • What newsworthy ?
  • Is it an awesome blog posts?
  • What goals do we want the blog posts to help us meet?
  • How will we leverage posts to meet those goals?
  • What newsworthy things should be announced by PR?

and build those blog post ideas into the themes

Creating content for the web is good for your staff and your customers. Putting ideas and event’s into words will enable your staff to understand your business better, its direction, products and services and how they solve your customers problems. Learning where the knowledge resides in your business, who’s on top of which issues and who needs help. Results in your staff being able to communicate better with your customers and more quickly solving their issue.

Michon Internationals digital marketing department can help your business create content and find suitable existing content to curate. All we need to know is your ideal customer profile and to receive some feed back from your business.  If your business commits to reviewing and editing content during the first few months of the systems operation we are able to tailor our content and train our writers to produce A1 content for your business. Content created in a voice and quality your customers expect from your business. We don’t suggest that Michon International creates all for your businesses online content just the weekly blog post and newsletter. Your business should write the monthly longer quality post to frame the business direction and theme for the following month and engage with people on social media.

With the Michon digital marketing department working for you. Your business will grow its web presence, engage people on social media and distribute a worthy newsletter. Your business will only need to create a single piece of content each month, review and edit blog posts to help use learn how you like them and comment on other peoples work. How easy is that?

The feedback gleaned from our built in tracking system, will improve the system for you business over time and provide feedback to increase your business presence online. Why wouldn’t you want to have this system working for your business?

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